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The experiences of others: continued

Many thanks to Karolin of Wisconsin, USA, for this account:

I met Einstein (Eini for short) by faith. A friend of mine thought I'd be lonely without a dog, so he took me "unannounced" on an afternoon ride to a small town. The trip ended at a home. The family had a little 1 year old dachshund and too many children, so they did not want him any more. It took about 5 minutes and a little dog came back with me.

Einstein 1My dog Einstein and I started to get used to each other and I grew to love him. When he was about 9 nine years old, he became paralyzed, a common trait of dachshunds. I was so worried and decided for surgery. During that time we grew very close. All went well though and he learned how to walk again. He became paralysed twice more after that, but he overcame all of it. Then, about 5 years later, now nearly seventeen, he suddenly became seriously ill. He was drugged up and miserable. He did not eat for 8 days.

I was devastated. My vet said that within a couple of days I would need to put him to sleep. His appetite returned briefly with some medication, but about a week later I heard him screaming in the bathroom, so I ran to see what was going on. He had suffered the first full blown seizure in his life. I stayed with him all day. Then his original symptoms came back: heavy fast breathing, all day and night long. Then in the morning, another worse seizure happened. I knew then in my heart that it was time.

When the vet administered the final medication to Eini, he all of a sudden woke up and tried to bite her twice. How could that happen? He was so weak and they had sedated him so much. The vet took him in the back to give him more sedation. I wondered how I could have allowed her to take him in the back. This was supposed to be peaceful.

Anyhow, they brought him back out and placed him on the table and we all petted him while the final medication was given.....then he was gone. I spent some alone time with him and kissed him all over and when I was ready to hand him over, I asked the vet tech NOT to put him in the freezer right away because I believed that his spirit needed some time to rise. Three days later I picked up his ashes. The vets thought that with all of the symptoms he might have had a brain tumor.

Einstein 2

Then, things started to happen. The day after he passed, I turned around and felt a crackling (like electricity) in my head and as I looked down I thought I saw my dog just for a few seconds. Could that have been really him?

During the following weeks, I had some dreams. I even woke up one night feeling him on my chest, licking my face. The strange thing was that I woke up and said, "Eini!" and then turned around and went back to sleep. The next morning when I remembered what had happened, I asked myself how I could have just turned around and gone back to sleep? I should have embraced that moment! However, in the moment it felt natural, just like any other day with my dog.

Lately though I have not heard or felt he has a new life.....

I have a friend who is a medium teacher and I spoke with him right after Eini's passing over. He told me that Eini was in sort of an orientation and that there was a woman named Julie who was taking care of him and was bringing him to me about twice a week. A few months later, when I wondered where my dog was and how he was doing, Bob said that he saw him resting in a meadow under a tree with a spaniel looking dog close by. He told me that the orientation was over and that Eini was beginning a new chapter and that visits would come less often.

Sometimes I also feel this love come over me out of nowhere and I think it is my dog. I noticed that when I am in the bathroom, the door opens up (I don't completely close but lean it close). Eini always came to visit me in the bathroom when he was alive. First I thought it was the air but coming to think of it, even when all doors were closed and there was no heat running, it still happened.

Recently, I had just finished sending an other email describing Eini, when I decided to call a friend. I was planning to look for photos right afterwards. The screen showed my email inbox at that time....nothing more. When I came back to the computer, this photo of Einstein was on the screen. There is nobody here with me who could have pulled it up! I know for certain that when I left the screen, it just showed my inbox messages.

Without a doubt, Einstein is the love of my life and I miss him terribly. He taught me many things but the most important one might be patience. He also supported me (I know this sounds funny) in my struggle to become vegan. I always believed that if I would not eat my dog, why would I put another animal through that horror? I think that now he runs up there and sees all the animals, he is proud of me :)

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