Do animals have souls?

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Animal souls

The following pages discuss the issue from a "general" viewpoint, not tied to the views of any one organised religion:

Pets Weekly: Animals and their Souls

Buzzle article: Do animals have souls?

Vasu Murti: Animals have souls

Buzzfeed: Stories which prove animals have souls

Animal intelligence:

Livescience: Amazing animals (Make sure to click on the "next" button!)

25 most intelligent animals

National Geographic: Animal Minds

10 surprising facts about animal intelligence

Near death experiences:

Animals in NDEs

International Association for Near-Death Studies

Near Death Experience Research Foundation

Various bodies of a being:

Opinions vary about the exact number/nature of bodies a being has; some people say there are up to ten! The following represent some views on the issue:

Mind Power News

Wikipedia about the subtle body

Theosophy Wales

Kundalini Yoga: Ten Bodies

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