Do animals have souls?

Have you ever wondered whether animals have souls, or what happens after a pet passes over? Do animals go to "heaven", which is the word people commonly use to refer to the afterlife? Are their souls the same as human ones? What happens to creatures in the afterlife - after physical death? These are interesting questions.

The fact that you have visited this site shows that the spirituality of animals is a topic which interests you. You are either seeking confirmation that animals have souls, or you are at least open minded on this issue. Otherwise, you probably would never have bothered to look at this site, or indeed to research the topic at all.

Thanks to for the photo! Why does this issue interest you? Perhaps you had a very dear pet - a dog, cat, rabbit, bird or other animal - which has passed over and you want confirmation that s/he is still alive in spirit. Perhaps you have had some experience which has brought you to suspect or believe that animals have souls. You may be wondering exactly what happens after an animal "dies" or where s/he goes after passing over. Or maybe this is just a question which is simply of interest. We will do our best to help you, whatever your reasons. All are welcome here.

Thanks to for the photo! Although the belief that animals have souls, metaphysical minds, spirits, astral bodies, etc. implies that one believes that physical death is not the end of their lives, this site is not written from the standpoint of any particular religion, or indeed organised religion generally. The word "God" can be interpreted in so many ways and religions take so many different forms. So if you want to continue looking at this site, it is enough for us if you believe that there we are all - humans and animals alike - part of this universe and that all life is not just "here today, gone tomorrow". However, for those wishing to research the views of organised religions, we have a special page on this topic, too! Our aim is to make this site as comprehensive as possible.

This site is completely free and if you feel in need of advice and/or support following the recent physical "death" of a pet, you are welcome to contact us via the link box below. You can be sure of a sympathetic ear. We will do our best to help.

If you wish to leave general comments or have a specific query, you are also welcome to contact us.

If you have had any experiences of your own with a pet who has passed over, we would very much like to hear from you! This would normally be strictly confidential, but if you are willing for us to cite your experiences, then we are currently adding new pages, detailing the experiences of other people. Any accounts could be first name only, or anonymous, as desired.

So now to the plan of our site. We recommend that you follow each topic in turn, but if you prefer please feel free to click on any topic below which interests you.

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